The journey begins…

It’s pouring rain this evening in Los Angeles and apparently the rain plans to stick around for several days. For some, this may seem like a burden but for me, it feels renewing, refreshing, and like the perfect time to start this blog. One of my favorite things to do on evenings like this is to come home from work, let go of the day, and crack open one of the several bottles of wine I have in my collection. Yes… I’ve developed a habit of drinking very nice, usually not found in the grocery store bottles which I’ve typically had to order straight from the wine maker, buy at the tasting room, or was lucky enough to purchase by being on a limited allocation list.

However, what I find truly special about my ever-growing collection is that I’ve personally visited each and every winery and in some cases, have met the wine makers personally. Not only are most of these wines incredible, but every time I open a bottle, it evokes a memory… of the vineyard itself, of sights, sounds, smells, truly unique tasting rooms, of interesting people I met along the way, of great local foods, of lovely hikes, hotels or great campsites near by, and often times of the completely unexpected paths I’ve taken to discover amazing new wines. This is a huge part of what I love about wine – particularly being blessed with living in California with so much great wine within a day’s drive.

This blog is inspired by three of the greatest joys in my life – writing, travel and wine. It’s dedicated to those who appreciate the unexpected. Those who don’t mind getting in the car (or jumping on a plane), knowing they’re visiting wine country with a few wineries targeted, but feeling more excited about the potential of discovering new wines and interesting spots along the way that are not necessarily on the itinerary.

Since I can’t write about everything I see and taste, I’m focusing this blog on the wines & vineyards I feel are well worth a trip.

I hope you enjoy this journey along the wine-ding road with me…

2 thoughts on “The journey begins…

  1. Wow! Your passion is contagious! Reading your blog makes me wonder what I’ve been missing!

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